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What to do in quarantine? Many are not used to spending so much time at home: the lack of work or its inconvenient remote format is disheartening for many. But if you look from the other side, everything is not so bad. You don’t spend money on transport, you don’t have to pick up your clothes every day, and as for the enhanced food “there is nothing to do” and lying on the couch for TV shows that your eyes don’t look at, we’ll tell you right now how to deal with this.

Board games for the whole family. As a rule, this is ideal for having fun with the whole family. It is impossible to play computer games with the whole family at the same time, it is impossible to choose a series that will be equally interesting to everyone, but it is possible to captivate a cool family board game of people of different ages. We specially selected the best family games from 4 players or more. They didn’t include any games for adults, no tin, trash, boring quizzes or games like “Scrabble”, but only cute games in which it is pleasant to play for both children and adults.

1. Hedbanz Board Game

A funny and exciting game for the whole family, as our localizers called it – “Guess who you are? The answer is on the forehead! ” Players are given cards and head hoops, where you can without fixing looking at a card with an image of an actor, object or animal, as well as four chips in his hands. Next, participants in the game ask leading questions until their time runs out, to which they can only answer “yes” or “no”. If after a chain of questions you guess what is on your forehead, move the chip to the bank. The first to win is the one who gets rid of all the chips.

The set includes 6 hoops, but the number of participants can be increased by showing ingenuity with the help of an ordinary headdress and adhesive tape. There are also 74 Russified cards, 24 chips and an hourglass to measure the progress of each player. Judging by the reviews, this game is a real “people’s favorite” – you can play it both as an adult company and with children – a minimum of rivalry, a maximum of fun.

2. Board game Jenga

The cult game, invented by the Englishwoman Leslie Scott, and has gained popularity around the world. An interesting idea and the simplicity of the rules: participants build an 18-story skyscraper out of 54 blocks, and then alternately pull out the blocks from the lower floors in order to carefully install them on the top of the tower, being careful not to bring down the whole structure. There are no winners, but there is only a loser who destroyed the tower during its course.

The ideal number of participants is 3-4 people, and judging by the reviews, both old and young love to fight this game. It may seem that it is very simple, but it needs strong nerves, dexterous fingers, and even ingenuity in order to force the opponent to pull out the “uncomfortable” bars.

3. Board game Fibber

Have you heard the expression that liars grow nose? The game of Fibber is about how to be able to bluff, and if you do not know how, be kind to build up your nose with the help of special nozzles. The one with the shortest nose remains the winner. The meaning of the game is that you will be issued with cards that match the color of any sector of the playing field. You post cards with pictures and say a statement, for example, that you saw three Yeti, and you have only two Yeti cards in your hands. If the players believe you – you lose three cards from your hands, if you catch on deception – take the cards back and grow your nose.

The game repeats the card game “believe-not-believe”, and the differences are that instead of four suits there are funny pictures and a fun props in the form of a nose with glasses and nozzles. Children are simply delighted with this game, as a cute and funny deception, which leads to a nose enlargement, relieves the atmosphere well and amuses the whole family.

4. Board game Alias, for the whole family, compact version

A cool game where participants are divided into pairs or into two teams. The task is to explain the words from the card to the participants of your team, avoiding the root words or calling its equivalent in another language. A point is given for every word, a point is minus for every missed one. The steps on the map, which lead from start to finish, depend on the number of points received, and accordingly, which team will get faster – they won.

In the game set there are 30 double-sided cards for the whole family and separately 20 cards for adults. The number of participants in the team is unlimited, but the minimum number is 4 people. You can play with children from seven years old – for them, the creators specifically provided for special categories and easy words.

5. Board Game Jackal

The old pirate Jackal hid his treasures somewhere, and you must find them, gradually exploring the map. Sounds like a fun game, doesn’t it? Moreover, the Jackal is the called leader of the desktops, delighting fans for more than one decade. The meaning of the game is that three pirates alternately open sectors of the map in order to find out if treasures are hidden there or should we move on? In addition to treasures, there may be traps, and in addition, you must be wary of other players who can and should harm you in order to take more goldfish to your ship than you.

The author of the review passionately loves this game, and spent more than one hour in search of hidden treasures, including at night – the gameplay was built before that. The game is fully suitable for the family format, with one caveat – children must be 9-10 years old, otherwise they will not be so interested, and it’s quite difficult to fully understand all the intricacies of the game.

6. Board game Tell me if you can. Children vs Parents

Incredibly fun game, including for the smallest who are just eager to play it with their parents. The secret of popularity is quite simple: the player puts on a special mouthpiece with a mouthpiece, takes out a card with words or phrases from the deck and tries to pronounce them so that others understand. The time of one move is limited, and the process is interesting both to those who are trying to pronounce words, and to those who are trying to guess this set of sounds.

The set includes 6 caps for children, 4 caps for adults, two-sided game cards: 100 for children and 100 for parents, hourglass and game rules.

7. Board game Cluedo Junior

Another mastodon of the table shop. Cluedo is an incredibly popular detective game where six players-guests of the mansion must figure out which of them is the killer. The family version involves the following adaptation: six guests were invited to a dinner party, but someone villainously ate the whole cake. At the very beginning of the game, a card with the guise of a criminal and a set of evidence is put in a sealed envelope: with what drink there was absolutely villainy, what time and where.

With a set of cards in hand, you are invited to ask leading questions in order to find out which cards are in the hands of the guests, so that by exposing them more likely to expose the criminal. Recommended age of children-players from 6-8 years.

8. Board game Uno Junior

A cool adaptation of the popular Uno game for the smallest, where there are no numbers, and cards are supposed to be discarded by animal images and colors. Bright and funny cards are so requested in your hands, but do not forget the basic rule of the game: get rid of all the cards, and when you have one left, shout out loudly “Uno!”.

The game can take a family of two to six people for a very long time, after one game played, you want to play more and more, especially if you count up to 500 points. The game will not only entertain the children, but also develop attentiveness, quick wit and speed of reaction.

9. Board game Ekivoki. Full speed ahead

A fun and lively game for the whole family, in which the player needs to explain the word on the card in different ways: somewhere without words, somewhere in a short story, in other cases, you will have to draw a picture or sculpt a sculpture of the word to be made in the allotted time. The game can be played both by two or two teams – 72 cards with 10 tasks each will last for a long time and for all.

The gameplay itself often presents many amusing situations, especially when a participant tries to pronounce a word backwards or frantically sculpts the complicated construction of the word to be guessed, given that the last time he took plasticine in his hands many years ago.

10. Board game Imaginarium. Childhood

Surely you played or heard about the adult version of this game, built on guessing other people’s associations, and perhaps some of the pictures seemed too gloomy and not at all family-friendly. With this version, everything is different. Bright and simple images are adapted for playing with children – they develop well fantasy, associative thinking, and, of course, intuition.

The leading player, in his turn, invents an association for the card in his hand and puts it face down, calling the association out loud. Other players among their cards look for the most suitable one in meaning and put it in a common pile, which is mixed with the leader’s card. Further, everything is laid out with pictures up, and the players try to guess the leader’s card. Points are awarded for guessing, according to which cute elephants walk on the map from start to finish. Whoever first brings his pet by the power of intuition – he won.

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