Face-ID technologies are being introduced in Russia and other countries: what’s wrong with that?

The Vizir biometric facial recognition system from the MDG group of companies (part of the Sberbank ecosystem) is one of the functions of the Safe City hardware and software complex in the Sakhalin Region.

The biometric system analyzes images from more than 1000 cameras installed on the island. This system has already increased the efficiency of the Sakhalin Regional Informatization Center, positively influenced the provision of public safety, and in the first two days of work revealed more than 20 violators of the prescription of the chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation who deliberately did not comply with the mandatory two-week quarantine upon arrival from places with an increased risk of coronavirus spread.

Dmitry Dyrmovsky , general director of the MDG group:

Over the years, Vizier has been used throughout Russia – at sports facilities and transport, to protect public order. This effective tool with a full cycle of functions and a well-developed interface was also chosen for working in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Face recognition is becoming one of the tools in the fight against coronavirus. Thanks to the Vizier system, we manage to start work on identifying quarantine violators as soon as possible . 

Vyacheslav Alenkov , Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Sakhalin Region:

“Particular attention is paid to people who have returned from abroad or from the mainland, and to members of their families. With voluntary consent, photographs of passengers are uploaded to the Safe City system of the Sakhalin Region, cameras record cases of their appearance outside the home and transmit information to law enforcement agencies and Rospotrebnadzor. The island region was one of the first in Russia to apply digital technology to monitor quarantine and observance and prevent the spread of coronavirus infection on the islands. ”

Andrey Vanin , Senior Vice President, Head of the Sberbank Ecosystem Development Directorate (SberX):

“The transformation of Sberbank into a world-class IT company and the creation of our own ecosystem allow us to offer comprehensive tools based on the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, computer vision and face recognition. The Safe City project combines all these technologies and is jointly implemented by the state and business to create a safe and comfortable environment. In current conditions, the project is becoming particularly relevant. We are ready to scale this successful experience by supporting the regions in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus. ”

The MDGs group did not develop this solution specifically to combat COVID-19, but long ago created a comprehensive face recognition system for Safe Cities, in which all functions are accessible “out of the box”, without additional configuration. From project to project, the system is being developed and replicated to various regions of the country. It is already used at 14 sports facilities, 24 transport facilities and in 5 Safe Cities.

The key advantage of the Vizier is its effective work in difficult conditions when people move with their collars, scarves or medical masks raised. Recognition is based on a neural network algorithm that analyzes the accessible part of the face, and does not compare the location of key points. Therefore, it doesn’t matter to the system what the part of the face is covered with: a “high” scarf “familiar” to it or “new” medical masks. Due to the improved technical characteristics, the Vizier is a ready-made tool for solving problems of both regional and national scale.

MDG Group of Companies (part of the Sberbank ecosystem) is a global developer of intelligent speech and facial recognition technologies, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The MDG-developed biometric face recognition system is equipped with stadiums, ice arenas and transport facilities in various regions of the country. 5 Russian cities use it in the implementation of the Safe City agricultural complex. According to the analytical agency Technavio, the MDGs are included in the list of major players in the biometric market.

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