Cleanliness is the key to health: how to properly disinfect the mouse and keyboard

The world continues to struggle with coronavirus, therefore it is so important to remember about personal hygiene. Always wash your hands before and after using the equipment to protect yourself and others. We often forget to clean the mouse and keyboard, but this must be done. It is especially important to carry out disinfection if the computer is used by more than one person. A mini-cleaning will not take much time, but it will help protect you and loved ones from infection. The same disinfection principle can be applied to a smartphone.

Cleaning and disinfection are not the same thing. To just clean the peripherals a little, you only need a damp cloth. Disinfection is a deeper process that will require a microbial killing agent. To disinfect the PC and the desktop, you need to use a disinfectant with an alcohol content of at least 60%.

Mouse disinfection

The simpler the shape of the mouse, the easier it is to clean it. Wipe the device with a lint-free cloth first, removing dirt and stains. Then treat it with a disinfectant and leave for a few minutes. After that, wipe the mouse dry with a paper towel or cloth. If the device has recesses in which dirt accumulates, clean them with a toothpick and walk through the disinfectant again. If you have a wired mouse, also wipe the cable and USB connector.

Trackpad cleaning

If you use a trackpad, you should also clean it regularly. This is especially necessary if you work with a laptop in public places. After touching surfaces outside the home, you can transfer the infection to your laptop.

Before cleaning, make sure the gadget is completely turned off and not plugged in to avoid dangerous effects. Apply a disinfectant to the surface of the trackpad and use a toothpick to go through the recesses to remove any accumulated dirt. Once again, treat the device with a disinfectant and wipe it with a soft cloth or napkin.

Laptop Keyboard Disinfection

A laptop keyboard requires more careful handling than a regular PC keyboard, since the main components of the computer are directly below it. Before starting cleaning, completely turn off the laptop and unplug it. Scroll through the keys with a damp cloth to remove visible traces of dirt and stuck pieces of debris. Spray the disinfectant on the surface of the laptop, but do not leave it for long. Wipe the keys with a paper towel and check for traces of dirt. Let the laptop dry for several minutes so that the alcohol evaporates before turning it on. In addition, cleaning the laptop of dust improves its cooling capabilities.

Deep clean your PC keyboard

For a better result, you need to disinfect the keyboard not only from above, but also from below. Before cleaning, be sure to disconnect it from the computer or remove the batteries if you have a wireless model.

Complete with a mechanical keyboard is a tool to open the layout. Use it to remove the keys to thoroughly clean the space under them. After opening the keyboard, blow away dust and specks that have accumulated under the keys. You can use an alcohol-containing solution or wipes, and then pat it dry with a paper towel. Wipe the keys with a damp cloth and clean them of dirt. Then sanitize and dry them. Remember to clean the edges of the keyboard and cable. Make sure that it has dried well before connecting to a PC.

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