Gesture control technology has long and firmly taken its place in mobile devices, although on laptops and TVs they are much less common. The reason is simple – large matrices are more expensive. However, an alternative has now appeared. Glamos is a small device that allows you to control conventional monitors using gestures. A lidar (laser range finder) is used for work. The system is somewhat similar to Microsoft Kinect and allows you to control the device without touching the screen itself.The system scans the surrounding area with a frequency of 40 Hz, which allows you to detect even fast movements. The sensor monitors a screen width of 1 meter with a coverage of 180 °. The device can be connected to tablets, displays and other output sources via Micro-USB and Bluetooth (Pro version only). Similar functionality is implemented by Leap Motion, Bixi and AirBar. The advantage of Glamos is its compatibility with a number of different devices, as well as scaling depending on the screen size.