We already know that a fundamentally new type of vibration is implemented in the gamepad and adaptive triggers are added, and the latest patent describes how they can be used in the gameplay. For example, during climbing, the left and right triggers may be responsible for the corresponding hands of the hero. If you press the trigger lightly, then the hero may not be able to resist and slip, and if it is strong, the fulcrum may be damaged. Vibration in each trigger will help to understand the stability of the terrain. The second example is the mechanics of cutting objects. The gamepad acts as a saw, and the player through vibration and sound from the speaker of the controller understands the state of the instrument – for example, its calm progress. When the player pulls the trigger, then due to vibration, he will feel the return. Vibration, among other things, will help to understand when the saw begins to directly interact with the object. At the same time, the stronger the trigger is pulled, the faster the saw motor will work. Different materials require pressing with different strengths. After the player finishes sawing, the trigger will no longer have resistance.