Samsung has launched pre-orders in Russia for the AirDresser smart steam wardrobe for clothes care. Thanks to the powerful airflow system of high-temperature steam Jet Air, penetrating deep into the tissues, the novelty eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, 100% dust mites, 99% of odors (including odors from sweat, tobacco, fried meat and dry cleaning) and 99% of other harmful substances.HeatPump technology gently and gently dries clothes. It prevents shrinkage and damage to things using a low drying temperature thanks to the coordinated work of two technologies – JetAir air flows from above and HeatPump heat pump from below. Together they improve air circulation inside the cabinet and evenly dry clothes. Wrinkle Care technology uses a combination of steam and air, reduces and smoothes wrinkles on clothes so that they can be worn without wasting time on ironing. The technology eliminates up to 100% of wrinkles on wool and up to 80% of wrinkles on viscose clothing. The price of Samsung AirDresser is 134 990 rubles