Direct interface technology between the brain and the computer is still a fantasy. Although work is being done in this direction, it is too early to talk about replacing the keyboard and mouse. However, Neurable may receive $ 6 million to create such a device.The idea is to create an everyday serial device of this type. In terms of hardware, these will be headphones that will be controlled by the power of thought. True, so far it is only about activating the speakerphone system. Funding is provided by M Ventures, Innospark Ventures, Loup Ventures and Point Judith Capital. It is assumed that the novelty should be intuitive, universal and easy to use. This will allow you to go beyond the traditional computer interfaces.For example, users will be able to send text thinking, not typing, and these texts will carry an emotional coloring that goes beyond just words. Note that in August the company already showed a system of managing objects in virtual reality with the help of the mind. A VR game was developed, which was created in conjunction with Red Bull. Successful financing is expected to enable the company to enter the market of turnkey solutions.