Thanks to the advent of low-cost tablets, the chances that Amazon will launch a Kindle with a color display on electronic ink are slim. However, E Ink still believes that such screens will be in demand. And therefore, the manufacturer introduced the new Print-Color technology, which should solve the main problem of such displays. The novelty allows each pixel to display black, white, red, green, blue colors, or combinations thereof. The main area of ​​application of new displays in E Ink is considered to be the educational sector, business and so on. However, the appearance of consumer devices is also possible.Ready-made screens are expected to appear in the second quarter of 2020, and consumer devices may enter the market by fall. At the moment, the company already has a prototype with a 10.3-inch display and Wacom EMR stylus support. At the same time, Print-Color displays have retained all the same advantages of conventional electronic ink screens. This is a low power consumption, the possibility of battery life, the lack of need for backlighting and so on. True, it is not a fact that manufacturers will want to launch precisely such readers in the market. Still, they are a pretty niche product.