According to available information, Microsoft will launch two console models on the market. The more accessible version is code-named Lockhart, and the top-end modification is Anaconda. According to sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans, the Anaconda version will get performance at about 12 teraflops. For comparison, the Xbox One X, this figure is 2 times lower, while the Xbox One S is 1.4 teraflops. Lockhart will deliver about 4 teraflops of performance. This will be an entry-level device, which is positioned as the most accessible console for review. And although the overall level of performance at Lockhart looks less than that of the Xbox One X, the new product will still have features that will somehow increase its attractiveness in the eyes of consumers . Both versions of the next-generation gaming console Lockhart and Anaconda will receive 8-core processors with a frequency of about 3.5 GHz. The older model will have a slightly higher frequency. Despite a slight increase in the frequency of the chip compared to the current version, a number of other improvements will provide a significant increase in performance. Among them are the new chip architecture, improved caching, and other patented optimizations. Therefore, in some tasks, Anaconda will provide a 4-5-fold increase in performance compared to the Xbox One X. This model will be equipped with 16 GB of RAM. Of these, 3 GB are allocated for the OS, and 13 GB for games.By comparison, the Xbox One X for games had a maximum of 9 GB available, but this figure varied depending on what the OS was doing. Microsoft has also stated that SSDs can be used as virtual RAM, if necessary.Additionally, it is reported that the download time of the games will be reduced from “to the minute” to “several seconds”. It is planned to speed up the boot process thanks to its own NVMe SSD technology. It will be available in both versions of Lockhart and Anaconda. Gigabytes per second are promised read speeds. In addition, and the inclusion of Project XCloud within all Xbox systems will allow users to start the game via streaming while waiting for the local loading of the game. The Scarlett game console will let you launch existing Xbox One games. Many games will be able to work on consoles of several generations. But some advanced features and capabilities, such as ray tracing for dynamic reflections, etc., are likely to be exclusive to Lockhart and Anaconda, requiring the new APIs that are part of Game Core OS.