Back in April of this year, the Chinese company Huawei in collaboration with the Korean brand of glasses Gentle Monster introduced a new line of “smart” glasses – Huawei EyeWear Smart Glasses. And only now, these miracles of modern technology finally went on sale. The line includes five models at once: Smart East Moon 01, Smart Jack Bye 01, Smart South Side 01, Smart Alio 01 and Smart Alio C1. The first two models are sunglasses, and the rest are designed for lenses for vision correction. Externally, the new items are practically no different from ordinary glasses – there are no buttons or any other eye-catching controls.It’s just that the frame of the glasses itself responds to a double tap, with which you can answer an incoming call. To do this, microphones and stereo speakers are built into the goggles of glasses. There is also support for AI Bluetooth noise reduction technology. Built-in battery provides up to 2.5 hours of talk or listen to music. The price of the issue is from 280 to 355 dollars.