The novelty is inspired by the CCP and old-school communicators such as Psion. During the time of raising money on crowdfunding, the novelty earned more than $ 2 million. The idea is to revive such solutions in the market. The novelty in closed form is a rather thick smartphone from which you can call and send messages. To do this, on the front side there is a two-inch touch screen. If you open it, it becomes available six-inch touch screen and QWERTY-keyboard. Inside, there is a Mediatek P70 processor, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of permanent memory and a 24 MP camera. Other features include a keyboard backlight, a 4220 mAh battery, a microSD, NFC, Bluetooth card slot and two USB Type-C ports. True, the cost is “biting.” It is 871 dollars without taxes.