According to the authors, the two-seater novelty is designed in such a way as to offer users maximum comfort and relaxation while relaxing, reading or watching movies, as well as ensure a healthy sleep.The newly-built furniture product is based on two built-in electric motors, which allow not only “very precise” adjustment of the angle of the bed to achieve the optimal configuration, but also raise or lower the upper and lower halves of the mattress independently of each other. The backrest is adjustable in the range from 0 to 60 degrees, the place for the legs is from 0 to 30 degrees. In addition to this, five preset modes are provided: standard flat, anti-snoring mode, modes for reading and watching TV, as well as a mode that will allow the vacationer to feel “in zero gravity”, whatever that means. You can control the Smart Electric Bed using buttons or voice commands issued through a smart speaker or smart display. The Smart Electric Bed frame is made of high-strength fiberglass and alloy steel. The total weight, which, it is alleged, can withstand a “high fatigue and tensile strength” design, is up to 1 ton. The rear headboard is covered with 8th generation Litchi eco-friendly fabric, the texture and luster of which resemble genuine leather, while this material is more wear-resistant: withstands 20,000 friction cycles, is resistant to scratches, scuffs and tears. In general, according to Xiaomi, an “intelligent” furniture product should be “enough” for at least 10 years of active use. The company will open a crowdfunding project to attract investment in the production of 8HMilan Smart Electric Bed on December 3. It will be possible to pre-order a smart bed for 1999 yuan, or about $ 285. Whether the bed will be available in countries other than China is not reported.