These smartphones are offered with cases of gold with red stone and black titanium, blue stone and other extremely expensive and unusual materials. Among those there are diamonds. Moreover, their price reaches almost 4.5 million rubles. Note that the minimum price in the Discovery line starts from 487,000 rubles. The top version of the iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius costs 4,460,000 rubles. The Max version is estimated at 4,490,000 rubles. In addition, smart watches in the same design are presented. Their cost starts from 317,000 rubles.Obviously, such devices are designed for people who already have everything. It is curious that, technically, they are no different from the regular iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which cost less than 100,000 rubles for the basic package. Also note that they are covered by Apple’s standard one-year warranty.