From the latest leaks from Microsoft, it became known that the new OS will appear on ordinary laptops. This data is based on the leak of internal documentation of the company, as well as the fact that Windows 10X has a mutable interface.It is reported that the Start menu in the new ten will simply be called Launcher, or Launcher. A search engine will combine local and online results. It is not yet clear how exactly this will be implemented.Also declared is a “Modern Explorer” or Modern File Explorer. It looks like it will be adapted for touch screens and finger control. He will also have access to documents in Office 365, OneDrive and other services. In addition, Windows 10X promises an improved system for identifying the user by face. Windows Hello allows you to immediately “turn on” the user and turn on the desktop immediately after turning on the screen.The promised simplification of the “Action Center”, quick settings, as well as the emergence of a function to display priority data. Simply put, you can immediately see the battery charge or signal level. It remains to wait for the announcement of the system to find out how true this leak is.