The Power of Classic Masterpieces, Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The feeling of accepting the name ‘Final Fantasy’ will be different for each gamer. Some gamers think of turn-based JRPGs from a very long time ago, and some gamers think of online MMORPGs. As such, the experiences of gamers that ‘Final Fantasy’ can bind are vast and diverse.

Of course, I wish all series were successful, but not all can be done. There are not many series that can be selected as a masterpiece among the majority of gamers and fans who love ‘Papan’.

Among them, there is one series called ‘Masterpieces’ and ‘Sure Enix Squad’. This is ‘Final Fantasy 7’. ‘Papan 7’ is an old game that is more than 20 years old, but it is a game that has gained so much popularity that any gamer who enjoyed the game at the time would consider it a ‘masterpiece’.

As such, any gamers who are affectionate about ‘Papan’ would have wanted the game to be re-released in line with modern trends. And developer Square Enix announced the news of ‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’, even as it would reward these gamers’ wishes.

Finally, ‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ was released, which is a nostalgia for classic gamers and a rebirth of masterpieces for new gamers. I really waited a long time. Indeed, I would like to look at what kind of new look ‘classic masterpieces’ will show and how to continue the emotions of those days.

This ‘Papan 7 Remake’ starts with the story of ‘Cloud’ as in the original. ‘Silla Company’ is a company that extracts a substance called ‘Ephedra’ that is the driving force of stars. Through this, the company is taking enormous profits, and unlike the appearance, it is a company that has a huge conspiracy inside.

The organization against the typical evil company ‘Silla Company’ is ‘Avalanchi’, a slum resistance group. The protagonist ‘Cloud’ was originally a high-ranking mercenary called ‘Soldier’ ​​of ‘Silla Company’, but quit the job for unknown reasons and helped ‘Avalanche’.

It’s not just because of the malicious feelings toward ‘Silla Company’. It’s more important to talk about ‘a man in question’ than simply ‘just’. The man continues to appear as an illusion of unknown cause, plaguing the ‘cloud’.

The key story of ‘Papan 7 Remake’ is to unravel the story of the main character ‘Cloud’ and the man at the center of everything. 

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