Yeongju Baekui Chronicle strategy, career recommendation mobile MMORPG run as a founder!

Among the recently launched mobile MMORPGs, the Yeongju Baekui Chronicle is the hottest. As soon as I was released, I immediately created and nurtured a character, but I was able to meet a lot of fun than expected. There were a lot of people comparing it with the black moon that was released recently. It’s a well-made game, and I have a taste for it, but I think there are some advantages of the Yeongju Baekui Chronicle. Perhaps the original IP succeeded with 3D animation that achieved 1.4 billion views, Wouldn’t it be released as a game that can be enjoyed by the story? I was expecting this.

Do you need to say a long way ~ In the expected game, you can play it yourself and open the lid. First of all, there are five jobs in the Yeongju Baekui chronicle. There are jobs with various charms of Changsha & Xuansha & Aksa & Assassins & Archers. It wasn’t a given gender, it was possible to choose a male or female, so I could choose only the desired job without worrying about the character.

First of all, I was hoping for a stabbing action, and created it as a Changsha. I recalled the image of Changsha, which I think, and I tried to decorate it with a cool style. Are you okay?It’s not just customizing a few selected shapes and ending, It was a part where I could create my own character because I could change the appearance of each detail.

After creating the character, I’m going to write about the play reviews in earnest. Really … sincerely speaking, Yeongju Baekui Chronicle has a lot of fun about the story so far compared to any mobile MMORPG. We pride ourselves on boasting the highest quality. Right now I’m almost completely immersed in a movie. She said, ‘Yeah, this is storage.’ I am progressing without missing a word from the characters.

As I mentioned a little earlier, the original used IP is a web novel recommended by 10 million people. So, the skeleton of the story is stronger than any other game. You may feel tired if you just proceed with the story, but as the cinematic video is added in the middle, It added to the joy of imagination. I had some familiarity with the story through the webtoon released at the time of the pre-reservation. It was so exciting and fun to experience the game.

However, it does not just flow according to the set story, but that I will directly intervene. I think this part is also very attractive. In fact, most games these days have no story Fact Heavy. That’s why you just skip without reading the dialogue. By the way, Yeongju Baekui Chronicle is an exciting story. As I sometimes intervened and chose the answer, I created an environment to immerse myself in the situation. Since there are some contradictory answers, the results vary accordingly, “What would I have been like in this situation?” I’m doing it like this.

There is one more part that adds more immersion to the story as it progresses, which is the background of good quality. Whenever the flow of the story changes, it moves to a new place. The place was also showing a new atmosphere, and there was a trace of devotion to realizing high quality in detail. So, even while enjoying the story, it was fun to explore all over the place to see the background.

After working recently, I went to Dongbaek Seol-eung, and I was given an armory. It’s called a holiday soon, and it’s meaningful to spend with your family on this anniversary. Because of the battle with the demons, I went to ask my best friend, the bloody lord, on behalf of the busy camellia. Is the teacher a teacher, too? He said he should try harder in the future, and he responded cooler than he thought.

I’m very curious about the next story, but since it is said that it will be opened again from level 50, I try hard to nurture it. I think level up is relatively easy, but only content such as the Star Tower & Chartered Training & Past Examination every day. Anyone who participates without forgetting will be able to steadily nurture without hurdles. Especially in the case of the Star Tower, you can get not only experience, but also equipment drawings, so please challenge until you reach the power.

Now I will talk about Changsha, which I am developing. Personally, I think it’s a class that suits me very well. Every time I use one-by-one skills, I think the damage done to the enemies is quite strong. Thanks to that, I haven’t had much difficulty dealing with field monsters & bosses since the beginning. And above all, I think the difficulty of control is also easy, but I think beginners will enjoy it without hesitation !?

Personally, I really liked the action, but the sloppy appearance approached me very attractively. After all, the action has to be so hot that it tastes great !! I am looking forward to seeing a good performance in PvP later. And a soul-singing musician, a long-range attacking archer, etc. At the same time, I was wondering what other fun would be for other classes.

For reference, the skill is a system that allows me to enjoy the battle while setting it myself. And the ultimate is to create your own ultimate that is different from other users through a total of 64 combinations. For example, you can influence a single goal, or you can create a wider area to make it more lively. Since you can usually build a combination based on your combat style, In a way, I think this is the free training system we really wanted.

After visiting the official cafe, I was very surprised to see the events that were going on in a variety of ways. haha S-class Shinsu !! Of course everyone wants to have it. Anyone who completes all missions until May 6th and 7th will be rewarded with a new S level. As the number of S-class members is difficult to obtain, I think that events that can be definitively rewarded must be targeted. Of course, you will receive a lot more various rewards as well as new S-class, so please complete all the missions on the 7th. There are many missions that you can easily perform if you are interested in joining a guild or adding friends.

In addition, a guild contest event is also held. Like a new game, there are countless guilds being born. It seems like the ranks have already been decided between guilds. If you were in the top 20 of the guild rankings by April 29th, you would be rewarded with the leader and guild members? For example, the leader of the No. 1 guild is given a 200-won original, a title of a natural leader, and a box of legendary wheezing. Guild members belonging to the guild are given 200 Binds of Treasure and Legendary Wounded Treasure Chest. Moreover, since it is in the early stage of launching, anyone can only be rewarded for covetousness.

The lord of the white robe appeared as a very fun game this time !! Of course, I had to recommend it to you, but I am also very greedy about high-level rankers. In PvP, if you just listen to my name, everyone wants to show off their prestige, Also, in the guild content, there is a desire to lead our guild to a famous guild. As a new game, the ranker’s path is open to anyone, so we recommend that you start training right now. Thank you.

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