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Launched in 2014, become a star of immense popularity without ever fluttering !! Personally, I think it’s the most fun among the collectible games. This time the Change 1.0 update was in progress, but the reorganized contents were only full of surprises. First of all, would you like to see the video of Norazo, who is expressing the update in short and bold?

Real Norajo brothers, it’s always good to see the energy full of energy. Norajo’s brothers emphasize “I’ll come back to you” so, what kind of reward is being given by becoming a star? Don’t be surprised, it is said to give all 103 new members. I think it’s an unprecedented benefit in the collectible game, but let’s meet the update contents gradually!

First, it is a labyrinth expedition. To prepare for the coming war, you need more power than it is today. That’s why users go back to 200 years ago, before White Hell gained great power. In other words, we have to find powerful treasures from the labyrinth 200 years ago, and in order to do that, we must overcome various hardships and adversities. It was good that the content setting was very exciting, and it goes back 200 years to prepare for war !!

However, as I said, there are many hardships waiting in the labyrinth, so you shouldn’t just look at it. When you enter the labyrinth expedition, it is divided into 5 types. Starting with ‘Crash of the Faller’, ‘Yellow Wall’, ‘Black Rock Mountain’, ‘Black Citadel’, and ‘Hidden Path’ !! In a labyrinth that opens sequentially, you must acquire 100% of all treasures before you can enter the next level.

When users enter the labyrinth, the hero set as the representative character is placed on the field as Noah’s hero. You can move freely within the labyrinth by clicking on the point you want to go. However, if you face a situation blocked by obstacles, you need to make a path using special devices. However, there are not only obstacles, but there are also sanctuaries where you can get help, such as resurrection & stamina recovery. I think it’s a good idea to dig up here and there with the thought of exploring the labyrinth.

When a hero dies while fighting in a labyrinth like that, the seat becomes an empty slot. In this case, select a new hero to fill in and fill in the empty slot. There’s something to watch out for, but if a hero dies during a battle, the colleague re-challenges the labyrinth. Participation is possible only after starting ~ So for efficient clearing. Since we need to minimize the death of heroes, it would be better to strategically organize the battle order, right?

For reference, you will see three buffs when defeating a monster in the labyrinth. For example, there is an increase in maximum health, an increase in basic attack power, and an increase in critical power. This is a system that allows you to select and receive the buff that you need most. It is important to make the most of these buffs, as powerful enemies appear as you enter the second half of the year !!

In the ever-increasing difficulty, it seems that the fun to attack the labyrinth one by one is exciting content. For reference, if you explore the labyrinth, you will find a treasure chest. Gold & Ruby & SSS grade lottery tickets & Infinity card summons & Calar’s soul inside the box. Since you can receive various rare and valuable rewards in the mail, you can feel the fun of gradually attacking.

And you can meet 4 new colleagues this time? All four are Heroes of First Impact. First, it’s Tango Buster Siege. As a dealer position, he made a great contribution to increasing the attack power of allies. In the case of the passive skill, the magic formula, as a friendly aura, 2300% of main stats and 4290% of additional boss damage, Increases ranged attack power by 7700% and attack power by 1550%. And as the enemy aurora increases the ranged damage it takes, I would like to boost the power of friendly dealers.

Subsequently, the second new colleague is Tir, the white sand of ruin. As a dealer position, we use skills such as ‘Sword of Insight’, ‘Surge of Storms’, and ‘Ilgal’. Among them, Ilgal This is a skill that applies 19839% attack to all enemies. There are two special abilities. One detonates the Viper’s Seal, inflicting additional damage with the same damage per piece. And another is the skill that grants the stealth effect to you for 5 seconds. For reference, the Viper’s Seal is If you use the ‘Storm Storm’, you will inflict it on an enemy. As a dealer that deals powerful damage, I think it has emerged as a suitable hero.

The third new colleague is the time swordsman Greysoul von Ariman. The biggest feature is that it removes one of the opponent’s beneficial effects and gives it a chance to give an extermination seal. Among the skills, the ‘Nether Shock Shock Species’ has a special function that summons 4 of its alters for 20 seconds. Summoned alter egos are not affected by enemy attacks, and each has a 5% chance to instantly kill them. In the case of Gray Soul von Ahriman, I think it would be good to make the most of your alter ego.

The last new colleague is sloth sloth in sloth. Swallows the beneficial effects of the enemy during normal attacks. (Stage 3 effect) So, from the enemy’s point of view, the slot I think it will be scary, but in the case of ‘Become lazy’ among the skills, the cool time of all enemies I think it will increase by 80% so that you will have time to prepare for some powerful attacks. For reference, this does not apply to the boss. I think that all the new colleagues updated this time are attractive heroes with their own characteristics.

Become a star that makes users happy with this fun update. One more thing here !! Various areas have been improved, so you can enjoy playing more conveniently. First of all, it is an incredibly disruptive part that I mentioned earlier, and it pays for all new fellows. With this update, all of your colleagues will start from the ranks, even heroes who haven’t been able to break through or descend before. As everyone becomes a status, you can go on an adventure in a much more powerful form.

In addition, as the hero management reorganization progressed, systems such as ‘automatic reinforcement of infinity skills’, ‘automatic party system’, and ‘automatic greeting of goodwill’ were added. In addition, significant improvements have been made to various contents such as challenger dungeon hand opening, adventure, and confrontation. (Is it true that the dungeon reward has been raised ?!) I think it’s really good to play because you can enjoy it much more conveniently than before, and you can get various rewards with confidence. For more information, we link to the official page at the bottom, so it is highly recommended that you check it yourself!

Personally, I really liked the part that made the hands-off mode much more convenient. Actually, I couldn’t play other content during the hands-off mode, so I had a little regret. However, it has been changed to allow other content to be played even in the hands-off mode. Above all, the longest progression time has been expanded to a maximum of 24 hours. And above all, it was only possible to have 10 challenge records before, but now, even if you play only once. I think that the hands-off mode can be used right away, so I think it has improved greatly in accessibility.

After hearing the news of this update, the process of returning and new users from all over the place is also constant. If you log in now, for all users & for new and returning users & special attendance events here !! Even if you get all kinds of rewards, you will be paid enough to say, “It’s a beneficiary.” 150,000 Ruby, Infinity Cards of all new members, Cherry Blossom Items with good luck, Transcendent Essence, etc. From today, I would like to recommend going to work without missing any day. If this is the amount of compensation, it really should be.

There is also a separate ‘Compensation Grand Party’. A whopping 270,000 infinity cards, 23 infinity cards, and 22 S-SSS-class El Gaia weapons! There is a real “beep” sound. In addition, I also had the opportunity to receive all of the 4 items that I liked and the 900 lottery tickets. As you perform missions, you can also earn rewards and accumulate experience, so let’s enjoy it with a wealth of updates. It’s really a big reward party.

For those of you who have previously played Be a Star and are now resting, or have never experienced. I want to recommend mobile RPG. With various heroes full of happiness virus just to see, This is because you can experience the fun of a new collectible game every time.

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