What about the gaming mouse Logitech G903 Hero opening machine?

If you are interested in computer peripherals, I think there will be no end to the desire for better performance. Since it is connected to the game condition depending on the performance difference, it seems to be a thorough comparison. The gaming mouse that I reviewed this time is the Logitech brand G903 HERO. It can be considered as a product that many gamers have already chosen, but I think it has been recognized for its performance. Indeed, what part of the performance is excellent, I’ll take a close look at it when I open it myself.

The basic feature of Logitech G903 HERO is that it can be used in all conditions, wired and wireless. In my case, it’s been a long time since I found gaming mice only as a wireless product. There is no line, so you can control more freely, and it doesn’t even get messy. Of course, you may find the disadvantage of having to recharge from time to time, I think that will be solved if the battery capacity is relatively large.

That’s why I was so happy with this product. The battery capacity was great, but even if you charge it once, you can use it for up to 180 hours continuously? Even with RGB, I can use it for 140 hours, so I don’t worry about the battery at all. I don’t have a computer 24 hours a day until I stay up all night, so charging when not in use was enough. It is said that the battery life is six times higher than the previous generation model, but it was easy to feel.

If you want to enjoy a more complete wireless environment here, I think it is not bad to purchase Power Play separately. If you use Power Play, you can continue charging while you are in the game for a long time. Because you don’t have to worry about battery consumption at all. Of course, there is no need to purchase it because it boasts a long battery capacity without power play. If you are looking for a really perfect wireless environment without worrying about charging, I would like to recommend it.

And the wireless report rate specification was also very satisfactory. No matter how comfortable the radio is, if the report rate is slow, it’s more of a loss in gameplay. However, if the model is used wirelessly, does the reporting rate drop? There was no such thing. Since it can be used in an environment with a reporting rate of 1,000 hz (1 ms) just like wired, I think that it boasts the best wireless report rate specification that suits the price.

Nowadays, the next-generation HERO 16K sensor is definitely the trend. This G903 HERO model provides high accuracy and precision because it is equipped with a HERO 16K sensor. It is said that the power efficiency is also improved by 10 times, and the maximum speed is 400 + IPS and DPI sensitivity up to 16,000. In the case of me, it is the position of someone who has been using the old model for quite some time, I definitely felt that the performance was noticeably upgraded in various areas.

And I think the click feeling is also good. For those who want to purchase the product, I think it is mostly for gameplay purposes. I think one of the important things in gameplay is the fast reaction force, This time, I wrote it during the late opening of the game, and as a result, it recovered quickly when I clicked it. This is because the metal spring tension button system and a dedicated mechanical pivot hinge are built into both buttons. I’ll try to play the game more fully in the next few days, and I’ll leave a review again.

The scroll wheel was very smooth. I felt very fast and cool. Also called a dual-mode ultra-fast scroll wheel, It is said to be developed in such a way that users can rotate more smoothly and freely. And when using in click-to-click mode, it is also possible to lock the scroll wheel, You can also flexibly adjust only when you need it.

With the device included as a component, you can customize it more to suit your hands. You can design the grip style according to whether you are right-handed or left-handed. For two side button caps and button cover side buttons, Depending on the user, it can be used well, but some people are uncomfortable with this. You can also attach a button cover for such people, so you won’t accidentally press the side button.

If you like to feel some weight when you control it, It is also a good idea to attach the weights included as a component. I definitely felt the difference between when I put on the weight and when I didn’t. In my case, when I need to play carefully like an FPS game, I put on a weight. The weight is about 10g, so it can be easily removed at any time.

And it is also possible to change the RGB lighting. In this case, you must first download the G-Hub software. After that, you can decorate RGB lighting with various effects, or set your favorite color among 16.8 million colors. It can be customized in detail such as ratio and brightness, so it can be decorated with the color I want. You can also synchronize colors with other Logitech products, save game profiles, macros, etc. We recommend that you download the various functions because they can be easily changed through G-Hub software.

Personally, I really like the fact that the DPI change width is very large. I normally find and use DPI at a constant speed, When playing a game, it often changes depending on the situation. For example, when shooting from a bag, the DPI should be lowered a bit to make it more accurate. I feel that it is really made for the game, as it follows the reaction force right here.

This is the Logitech G903 HERO I met through the opening machine, and I really like the first impression. In fact, I think the first impression is the most important thing, but it was difficult to find the part that would be flawed in performance. It’s wired and wireless, but with plenty of battery, you can enjoy playing games as much as you like. There are a lot of HERO sensor gaming mice on the market these days. It would be best if you carefully compare well here and there and then choose the product that suits your taste.

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