There is one new game that works very well these days, which is ‘Ragnarok Tactics’. Gravity’s masterpiece Ragnarok can now be enjoyed on mobile collectible SRPGs. 🙂 That’s why I liked it because there were many nice characters and monsters ~ Personally, it was quite fresh that monsters appeared as heroes so I could cultivate them.

Ragnarok Tactics is an SRPG that allows you to enjoy various contents such as adventure & challenge & arena. In the process of fighting with your opponent, you can feel a lot of strategic fun. First, you can organize up to 5 monsters (heroes) on your team. The deployed hero moves forward when the battle begins, and the battle begins when the enemy gets closer. However, since each monster has a relationship with each other in the form of rock-paper-scissors, Would you like to strategically grasp this and place it in an advantageous position?

When the battle starts like that, you can see the current MP in the lower left corner. Depending on the amount of MP, you can see the monster thumbnail at the bottom right, and users can use the skill. In the case of skill use, since it can be directly designated as non-targeting, you can use it in the most efficient range. Press AUTO on the top left to proceed automatically, When the stage became a bit difficult, it was more advantageous to control it yourself.