There is a fantasy MMORPG that has emerged as a game to play recently, and it is the origin of the dragon.

It has been said that it has been quite interested since the time of pre-reservation, but I also started playing after hearing the news.

The graphic also showed good quality, and the contents were varied, so it was definitely fun. 🙂

In the future, I’d like to feel the fun of nurturing the character while playing the origin of dragon steadily.

There are three professions in Suwon Origin. It is a variety of personality jobs such as single marriage, desolation, and sura.

A single sword-handling sword, a devastating wielding a huge axe, and a scythe with gorgeous scythes !!

As the weapons are different, it was a visual that made people expect what action to show off from the beginning.

In my case, I created a character with the destruction that seemed so overwhelming (!) ~