Attack Bless Mobile Berserker Skill Tree, RPG game recommendation Gazua!

Yesterday, I woke up early in the morning and exercised a precious vote, The rest of my spare time was spent on intensively running only Bless Mobile. It seems to have improved quite a bit of combat power only yesterday, but it definitely felt right after hitting the monster. After all, I think this is the true taste of character cultivation, but today I’ll put it together.

This is the character I am currently developing. When playing CBT, it was slightly blocked in the latter half of level 10, I thought I might do this again, and I was prepared to some extent. I am currently playing mainly on the main quest up to my level, It was relatively easy to reach until now without being blocked by monsters or potions. Of course, as I played hard mainly on the main quest, I didn’t miss the parts that I had to take.

One of them is the Monster Collection. The monster collection is the main quest. Many people do not care much because the cards are piled up on their own. However, such an indifferent process is a major obstacle to achieving the level of monster collection. It’s good to pay attention to Lv Max, because the accumulated stats are considerable. Even if you don’t feel it right away, you will feel the importance of the monster collection when you enter a certain level.

And since it’s a game with freedom to develop skills, many of you might be wondering how to score points. What I’d like to say is, “because there is no 100% correct answer” Finding the best combination and registering it is the best. Because before level 29, there is no cost to reset the skill, I really enjoy this opportunity as much as I can, but I can try various combinations at will.

I focused the Berserker skill tree on field hunting as much as possible. For example, in the case of punishment, even if you don’t play such a great role in PvP, it is a good example in field hunting because it is a majority. Even if something happens to be initialized later, the punishment is paid with care. I would like to recommend that all passives be uploaded to the end, except for the maximum MP increase.

I’ve also heard a lot about Berserker’s surprising weakness in defense. That’s why I am deliberately posting ‘Preparing for Counterattack’. Ready to counterattack is triggered when my fitness drops below 30%. This is because it plays a very important role in increasing the survival. I am currently fostering this route, but I am very satisfied because I seem to have found the right combination for me.

Let me give you a tip for those who keep running auto hunting. If you click on the world map, there is ‘Monster’ on the right side. If you check this part, only the monsters are aligned all the time. Since the level is written next to it, you can find a place to auto-hunt by referring to it. However, if you catch too much, you may die early without your knowledge. Therefore, even if the amount of experience gain is a little less, the safe section is good. Since the potion price that can be purchased at a general store is not burdensome, we recommend that you purchase it after returning it. In the settings, you can also set the potion auto-usage rate when you go into battle, but for HP, 70-80% is good.

Also, in the game of Settings, you should also check ‘Stop automatic battle when bag space is insufficient’. Hunting continues without interruption. By the time you come back, your bag will be FUL !! It will be full. You might think that you should make gold by selling it. After entering the illustrated book in the menu item management, please register all equipment that is not worn. Even if there is no profit right away, it will improve the character’s combat power by achieving the theme.

Will the items registered in the illustrated book be sold now? Personally, I would like to recommend more for equipment level up. If the equipment is in the same area, it can be used as a material to increase the existing equipment level. Of course, the abrasive is the most likely to rise, but once you sell it right away, I thought that achieving the existing equipment up to 10,000 rep would be more helpful for future development.

Also, the growth items of the guardian god were also quite generous. After registering collectively and clicking OK, The Guardian deity experience rises all the time, but I am just happy to see it. haha As you know, the Guardian God transformation system is one of the great fun elements of Bless Mobile. It suddenly reverses from the background and starts sweeping around. In order to make the Guardian God even more stylish, you need to steadily increase the level, right?

The soul stone of the guardian god that can grow the guardian god can also be obtained through exploration. When it comes to exploration missions, the way they perform is slightly different depending on each field. You can also get rewards through this, but it is a content that must be participated because it increases the character stats. I’ve also collected a lot of expedition cards, but today I’m going to grab me and practice it all day. Then the fighting power will be higher again than now, but I have high expectations.

And another one !! It’s hard to find content that is as good as a day’s dungeon. Today you will get a buff potion box containing various potions. In fact, if you eat potions, such as potions, that increase attack power to uncharged users, it will be very helpful for the main quest. Enhancements, abrasives, and other items that are essential for increasing combat power can be resolved to some extent in the day’s dungeon !! At first, you will be challenged with the ‘Easy’ stage, but as the combat power increases, I hope you will challenge the increasingly difficult difficulty. Obviously, the more you do, the better the level of rewards you can get.

Until now, I belonged to a novice guild, but now I also joined a guild. In the future, we will be diligently checking attendance at the guild and not forgetting donations. When you join the guild, you will also enjoy additional effects such as attack power, defense power, and maximum HP. In the future, there are many contents that need to be attacked, such as guild dungeons, so I recommend that you sign up in advance. Of course, if you are a user before level 30, you will be in a beginner’s guild.

I’m happy to think about running Bless Mobile again, which is a RPG game recommendation on the weekend of tomorrow.

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