Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service is losing access to more titles later this month, the company announced on Monday. Starting April 24th, GeForce Now will no longer be able to play titles from Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Codemasters, and Klei Entertainment.

Without Xbox Game Studios, GeForce Now can’t access popular titles like Halo: The Master Chief Collection or games in the Gears of War or Forza franchises. Warner Bros.’ game division is another popular publisher, owning the rights to series like the Batman: Arkham games developed by Rocksteady and Mortal Kombat titles from NetherRealm. Codemasters is well known for developing racing titles with the Formula 1 brand and rally racing games under the Dirt series. And Klei is well known for making indie hits like Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja.