ASUS is transitioning to using the new thermal interface for ROG 2020 gaming laptops. It is based on liquid metal (LM) and provides better heat dissipation, which makes it possible to overclock processors and video cards more than usual. Thermal interface is being produced by Thermal Grizzly. The novelty will be available on laptops starting in the second quarter of this year. According to the company, liquid metal has established itself as an element of the cooling system. A declared temperature drop of 10-20 degrees, depending on the processor.

This is achieved due to the excellent thermal conductivity of the LM, which allows heat transfer from the chip cover to the radiator with almost no loss. The company said that they were able to automate the process of applying the thermal interface to the processors. Previously, this procedure was carried out manually. ASUS also said that Intel chips are best cooled this way. Given that the new ROG laptops are built on the “blue” processors of the tenth generation, this will allow them to work longer at maximum frequencies and with high performance.