DETENTION METHOD: Inhibition is a mechanical method used to prevent the sperm from attaching to the egg. Male condoms: Protects against pregnancy by blocking male semen from entering a woman’s vagina. The condom is made of very thin rubber and is wrapped around the penis. In addition to pregnancy, STIs can be prevented. Female condoms: Like male condoms, they block a man’s semen from entering a woman’s vagina. Female condoms are made of very thin polyurethane. This bag-shaped condom has rings on both sides, one at the outer edge of the penis and the other at the vagina.

PHYSIOLOGICAL METHOD: This is a method of contraception that prevents sexual intercourse during ovulation. There is a risk of losing your calendar due to personal circumstances.

ERONDOG: It is a small plastic T-shaped device that a specialist inserts into the uterine cavity with a special device. There are two types of copper and hormone (Marina). IUDs immobilize sperm entering the uterus and make their environment uncomfortable. Copper IUDs last up to 10 years, while hormonal IUDs last up to 5 years. Hormonal IUDs have the advantage of reducing heavy menstruation.

BACKGROUND: This is a surgical procedure that closes a woman’s fallopian tube or a man’s fallopian tube.