How to restore an old photo in Photoshop in a simple and clear way. Advanced lesson

This lesson is about restoring an old torn picture. Restoring an old family photo is something you can do for your relatives and make them cry, and of course it’s a money-making service. Let’s see how the normal image recovery process works. There was a lack of publicly available materials for the selection of images for this lesson. The photo I use is a family photo scanned and sent to me in horrible resolution. In the end, I decided that this kind of image would fit my class. The end result shows that you can work with poorly scanned images and achieve relatively good results.

Of course, this may limit the amount of print, but the most important thing in this lesson is to guide the workflow step by step. There are a few important steps to keep in mind, but never be afraid to be creative and use your own solutions. These steps are:

1. Copying the original;

2. Adjust image size and crop areas that don’t work;

3. Repair the damaged area;

4. Get rid of noise or other unwanted patterns;

5. Adjust the light and shadow (on the color image you will need to adjust the skin color);

6. Adjust light and brightness;

7. Increase sharpness.

The first step Finally, let’s get to class. In the first step, I decided on the size and cut out the picture. Then the recovery process begins. With pictures like this, I always start using the Patch tool, which I use accurately and extensively. I then use the “patch”, “healing tool”, and “clone stamp tool” to refine the detail. In the next step, we will look at this in more detail.