Huawei has announced the most amazing “smart” surge protector that even has an operating system! The device with the long name Huawei HiLink Zhengtai Smart Power Strip, it is scary to imagine, is running LiteOS.

Thanks to this, as well as the Huawei HiLink Wi-Fi wireless module, the filter can be controlled using a mobile application and even voice. You ask: “Why do I even need to manage a network filter? And what exactly can I do with him? ”
. For example, you can remotely turn on and off each of its nine connectors, thereby supplying power to the devices connected to them. Say, they put a floor lamp in such a filter – and now you don’t need to get up from the sofa to turn the light on or off. And the filter has three USB Type-A ports, one of which also supports 22.5 W fast charging technology. Accordingly, you can quickly recharge your smartphone even without a branded charger. HiLink Zhengtai is priced at $ 18.