Modern wireless charging is often limited to a few centimeters. However, specialists from the Tyumen Industrial University are developing a transmitter that can charge smartphones at a distance of up to two meters. It is argued that the efficiency of the device is not inferior to other models, it is 30%. True, the industrial version will have to wait – it is planned in two years. The author of the WIPOT project, Mikhail Komarov, stated that the principle of magnetic induction is used for transmission. And the increase in distance became possible due to the phenomenon of magnetic resonance and other improvements.All this will allow you to charge your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket or bag. And although it has not yet been specified exactly when the new product will hit the market, it can be expected that this will happen shortly after the creation of the industrial prototype. It is noted that such a system will be able to power and maintenance-free elements in the industrial infrastructure. For example, underground sensors when drilling oil wells. True, for this you will have to increase the operating frequency of the device.