Another extremely interesting novelty appeared on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform – the world’s first smartwatch with built-in Wristbuds headphones. The device received a 1.14-inch color touch screen with a resolution of 135 x 240 pixels, mounted on a hinged lid.

If you open it, then inside the watch you will find a couple of completely wireless headphones with an unusual rotary design of the cases. The internal clock battery with a capacity of 140 mAh is enough for 4-7 days of battery life. It is also able to recharge the headphones twice. The watch received 4 GB of memory, so that music can be downloaded directly to them and use headphones without the need for synchronization with a smartphone.

At first, Wristbuds could be pre-ordered for $ 59, but these lots have already sold out. Now you can make a purchase for $ 79. When the watch with headphones goes on sale, they will be offered for $ 149. With a stated goal of $ 5,000, the project has already raised over $ 12,000.