Make Friends in a New City

While moving to a new city comes with advantages – change in scenery, a hundred new restaurants to discover, and probably a better paying job – it can also become a very isolating experience very quickly. If you’re a social butterfly, and love being around people, you might be spending your first few weekends alone. Sounds difficult? Making friends in a new place can be exhausting when you’re just starting out, but things get easy once you know what are you looking for. 

1. Become a “Regular” somewhere:
When you visit a place frequently, you not only get to make friends with the waiting staff (hello, favorite customer perks, anyone?), but might also run into someone like you – eating/drinking alone. Don’t hesitate from walking up to ask if they’d like some company. The trick is to be polite, and to-the-point. “I’m new to the city. Do you mind if I sit with you?” – should do the trick. Remember, a lot of people might turn you down, in which case – smile and exit. Don’t be a pushover. Make a mental note to try out something new every time you step outside. So, whether it is the coffee place down the road, or that Chinese food place that you just cannot get enough of – find your “regular” gig.

2. Volunteer on your weekends:
What’s better that to devote your time towards a good cause? Find out the NGOs in your city, and see how you can help. Volunteer at an animal shelter, an orphanage, an old age home, and other places that interest you. You will not only end up with an interesting experience to talk about, but might also find other volunteers while you’re at it.

3. Join a Book Club:
Are you an avid reader, or are looking to pick up reading on a regular basis? An active book or literature club might just be the right place for you. Usually, the members gather weekly or monthly to talk about the books they are reading and discuss the same with other readers. You can also keep a look out for Poetry Slams or Spoken Word Events happening near you.

4. Pick up an Outdoor Sport:
If you are more of an explorer, and like to stay fit while you’re at it, it won’t be difficult for you to find your tribe. If you run, keep tabs on the Marathons that are taking place in your city. Check out the Open Table Tennis, Swimming, Cycling, and other sports’ tournaments that you can be a part of. See if you can join a Hiking or Camping Club. The possibilities are endless!

5. Become a Pet-Sitter:
If your idea of a day well spent is with a furry companion, and you can’t afford to keep a pet full time, then open your doors to one for a just a couple of days or hours, instead. Plenty of pet-owners everywhere are always on a look-out for boarding places or homes, where they can drop off their dogs or cats to be looked after when they’re gone. If you can provide an appropriate loving environment for a pet, then this can soon become a way for you to – 1) Meet a furry friend, 2) Find a friend in the owner of the said furry friend, and 3) Talk to someone new (after all, dog on a leash is the best conversation starter!) – what’s not to love, right? Go through your Social Media to discover a pet-owner looking for someone like you, or post on pet-sitting websites/apps like Waggle to get started!