Russia will launch a “3D” camera on the lunar surface

The Luna-26 spacecraft, which will take stereo images of the lunar surface and select the future landing site for Russian astronauts, is scheduled to be launched in November 2024, according to the Lavochkin Production and Research Association. The Luna-25 is scheduled to be launched in 2021, three years after it was sent to the moon. Decades after the last Soviet spacecraft (“Luna-24”) was sent to the moon in 1976, Russian scientists will send a “Luna-25” to test the technology of soft landing on our planet. It is planned to launch the Luna-27 in 2025.

The Luna 25 is designed to study the South Pole and develop soft landing technology, while the Luna 26 is the only satellite surface to remotely detect and map the Earth’s surface. The Luna-27 will study the soil of the South Pole.