what is unusual in the picture

Attentiveness and the ability to analyze can be useful in a variety of life situations. But, like any other skill, they need to be trained. Great “helpers” in this matter are tests and puzzles. For example, those that belong to the category of “what is wrong in the picture?”.

In this case, you are presented with a picture depicting one day in the life of a mother and son. And only one detail on it is knocked out of the usual “framework”. But which one? Can you find her?

Before starting, let me give you some tips:

  1. Take your time: this riddle is not designed for speed at all, but for the ability to notice details;
  2. Carefully study each subject – perhaps the answer is hidden in the details;
  3. You should not look at the answer until you are sure that you have exhausted all possible guesses.


Surely, most of all in this situation you were confused by a kind of “change of roles”: the son washes dishes, and mom plays with his toys (however, there is nothing unusual here: the boy decided to help his mother with the housework, and she “teases” him, playing with his toys). In fact, “strangeness” is hidden in another, namely, in the behavior of animals. And, yes, it didn’t seem to you – there are two of them in the picture. Take a closer look and understand …

The mouse chases the cat. This is precisely the answer. After all, this is very unusual, is not it?

If you gave the right answer from the very beginning – congratulations! Your attentiveness is really impressive. If the riddle caused you difficulty – do not despair! Regular training and patience will help you achieve what you want.