Why are modern couples so fragile?

Not ready Couples do not want to compromise with each other. I feel like I’ve “hurt” someone by admitting my mistakes and apologizing. We don’t want to wait under any circumstances, we want to do everything at once. The fact that we are boxed in over time without following our instincts proves that we are not ready for a relationship.

Confused by other senses We want to watch a movie together and meet someone who goes to a nightclub, rather than someone who understands us and leans on sad moments. Because young people don’t want to live a boring life. They are looking for a fun partner to make their life more adventurous. Overwhelming in daily life We are too busy with material things to make time for sincere love. When was the last time you caught your sweetheart? Not to mention the anniversaries and anniversaries.

I’m in a hurry to get results quickly When you fall in love, you are in a hurry and want to be in a relationship. Early desiring of a situation that will come slowly over time can cause your loved one to doubt. “Does this person want to do this because he loves me with all his heart, or …” I like to waste time In recent years, it has become common for young people to think that it is better to get to know more than one person. We want many things at once, and we demand that the person we love be perfect. We meet a lot of people, but we only give opportunities to a few.

Depends on the technology It is true that the development of mobile phones and computers is hindering the establishment of live communication. Live communication is being replaced by texting, voice messaging, chat and video calling. As a result, couples spend less time together, feel less talk, and their relationship cools down. “Free partners” Young people are beginning to think that love and sex are different. Only after sexual intercourse do they decide whether to continue the relationship with the person. Thinking of having sex outside of marriage as simple, and accepting it as something like “open sex,” “having sex as a friend,” and “overnight sex,” weakens a sincere relationship.